Right drug for right patient

Drug effectiveness varies a lot from patient to patient and there is no straight-forward way to find out the right drug to treat a disease in a patient.

Solution develops computational methods that can help doctors decide the right drug/therapy on a patient. For example, in a recent study, our method successfully predicted effectiveness of target therapies in breast cancer patients.


Our method works effectively in identifying the right drug/therapy for a patient and these studies have been published in reputed scientific journals.


We are a team of biomedical scientists with extensive experience of investigating molecular mechanisms of various diseases. Our work has been published in several reputed peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as Nature, Cancer Research, Bioinformatics and others. Our mission is to develop computational pharmacogenomics solutions that can help doctors find the most effective treatment for patients.


Rajesh Chowdhary, PhD


Jinfeng Zhang, PhD


Our Research


- More than 20 scientific publications. Some representative publications of our team are available here

- Unique method & database

- Three approved and pending patents

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For Physicians: Our method can help you in finding the best and most effective treatment options for your patient.

For Biomedical/Biopharma Researchers: We have successfully collaborated with several biomedical research organizations in the past. We can offer bioinformatics expertise to you and assist you in your drug-related research.

Harvard University
Florida State University

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